“There is a clear connection between movement and health”

A. T. Still


What is it?

Osteopathy mainly focuses on structural and mechanical muscle-skeletal problems that can lead to functional alterations of organs, viscera and craniosacral system.
Since Osteopathy has an holistic view of the human body, the opposite also applies: a functional organic-visceral problem can cause musculoskeletal pains.

Osteopathy, thanks to the principles upon which it is based, may work on people of all ages, from a newborn to the elderlies to pregnant women.
Its efficiency has been proven in different disorders that often afflict people, preventing them from being able to lead a peaceful life. Disorders like: neck pain, lumbago, sciatica, arthritis, disc-disease, headaches, joint and muscle pain from trauma, altered equilibrium, chronic fatigue, congestive diseases like ear infections, sinus infections, gynecological and digestive disorders.

What does osteopathy treat in children?
Osteopatia e bambini

Osteopathy and children

Prevention, from an early age, is really important!
Children who were born after difficult pregnancies or dystocial deliveries (using oxytocin, sucker, Kristeller maneuvers or caesarean sections) can store tensions in the musculoskeletal apparatus or in the area of the cranial bones. These tensions may be asymptomatic, allowing the normal growth of the baby, but are likely to affect his correct posture while growing up.

If they are symptomatic, may reveal themselves with: plagiocephaly, regurgitation and gastroesophageal reflux, constipation, colic, scoliosis, malocclusion, difficulties in falling asleep, recurrent sinusitis or ear infections

Thanks to delicate manipulations occurring only after a thorough evaluation of the medical history, osteopathy allows to restore balance in the body’s tension of the child. Pediatric osteopathy follows up on children from babies to teenagers.

What does osteopathy treat in pregnant women?
Osteopatia e gravidanza

Osteopathy and pregnancy

Pregnancy produces a postural and functional change in the female body and may result in discomfort related to the progressive growth of the child, which causes a movement of the center of gravity and ongoing structural and visceral modifications. It is not easy for the postural system to adapt properly..

Osteopathy faces the painful issues related to spine and relevant muscles, such as low-back pain, sciatica, neck pain, disorders related to fluid retention. Other difficulties that may arise include digestive problems, back pain and groin, headaches, circulatory problems. Osteopathic path during pregnancy promotes elasticity and joint mobility, facilitating both the labor and the expulsive phase, normalizing the tensions in the pelvic and abdominal muscles which have been put on strain by the growth of the belly.

What does osteopathy treat in athletes?

Osteopathy and sport

Sport plays a vital role in our psycho-physical and motor wellness. The osteopath can be a valuable support to amateur and professional sportives both to prevention injuries and to optimize the performance.
Sport can create stress, over the years, and overload joints and muscles, causing problems like recurring tendinitis, heel, epicondylitis (tennis elbow) etc.

If our apparati are not given the right balance, they can face a degeneration of tissues, which are weakened, and can predispose to inflammation or injuries, even in areas which are far from the original damage.

The osteopath also works in team with athletic trainers and with the medical staff, having the role of controlling the correct postural development of athletes.

What does osteopathy treat in the elderly?
Osteopatia e geriatria

Osteopathy and Geriatrics

Special attention goes to the elderly; It is important to restore a properly functioning joint muscle in people affected by age-related diseases, such as arthritis, hypomobility etc.

Osteopathy offers a valuable support to the elderly, releaving the painful symptoms connected to typical elderly’s diseases, improving mobility and, therefore, the quality of their life.

What else does osteopathy treat?

Many more ailments than you may think.

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